Poetry can be a polarizing genre for some readers. So, I took a few minutes to explain how I understand poetry, why I write it, and then I read some of my favorites from Borrowed Images: Prose Poems. You can check out the video below. Another collection of poems is coming soon:
Four touch-points for you today: the relevance of God, the resilience he inspires in us, God as the Lord of language, and what’s on my reading list. The…
It takes a lot to make us see how the life we've been given will one day be given back, but there's a hopeful message in this.
I've finally released my first collection of poems, and it's been a long time coming :)
What You Need to Know before Talking to People Who Differ from You
What can we learn about secular thought from a striking Grammy performance?
Note: This article was previously published in Reformed Journal on June 30, 2017. Proverbs echo in the wind tunnel of history. We cannot help but hear…
The truth is more than we think. It's not just propositional; it's personal.
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Moments That Make Us